Barbara Guran-Eubank has been a practicing artist for more than 25 years. She trained at the Northwest School of Tattooing. Barbara brings her years of artistic design experience to her work as a Tattoo Artist. Combined with her spiritual approach to living, Barbara creates beauty and meaning with every activity in her work.

Barbara’s interest in tattooing began as a method of healing for her. She had been injured in years past in an industrial accident that had a major impact on her life. She came upon the idea to take her misfortune and turn it around into something beautiful. So she designed her first tattoo for herself and covered the scar left on her back by the new design, turning a sad reminder of her accident into a beautiful work of Art.  It was a defining moment in her life and she decided she wanted to pursue Tattooing as her individual art form. Barbara’s unique life experiences and approach to body art will surely help make your Tattoo unique and of special meaning to you.


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What is a Shamanatrix? A female shaman—medicine man—healer. I practice Reiki energy healing, as well as meditation and chakra clearing. Sometimes I help people help themselves to solve their imbalances and the like.


Some of Barbara’s other interests are dancing, working in glass (both fused and stained), sewing, reading, solving crosswords and sudokus, gardening, and hanging with her dog pack. She has cultivated xeriscape landscaping (landscaping with water conservation in mind) around her home with a variety of edible plants ranging from berries to herbs and complimented with wildflowers, many of which can be used medicinally.

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Here are some of my personal philosophies:



Be Here Now

“Mindfulness is very simple, yet not necessarily an easy process.

To me, it means being totally aware of what you’re doing, while you’re doing it.”

Unknown who the quote’s from, but it suits me!


LiveThe Four Agreements:

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word

  1. 2.Don’t Take  Anything Personally

  1. 3.Don’t Make Assumptions

  1. 4.Always Do Your Best


Do Meditation Daily:

Strengthens your central core and clears your chakras. Gets your chi moving! Fill yourself with light.


Practice Joy Therapy:


Practice Joy Therapy at least several times a week.

Find what really makes you happy so much so that you immerse yourself in it while you’re doing it so that the edges of “you” and the rest of the ions becomes very thin.

For me it’s dancing.


Turn up the tunes, turn off the lights (although candles are okay) and boogie until you are sweating… and then keep going!


Does great for eliminating the winter blahs!

Favorite Authors:

Amy Tan

Barbara Kingsolver

Ivan Doig

Kris Radish

Christiane  Northrup, M.D.

Hank Wesselman

Kryon (Lee Carroll)

James Redfield

Daniel Quinn


Ann Boroch

Paul Pitchford

Personnel Heroines

Isadora Duncan

(mother of Modern Dance who lived her life without apologies)


Queen Elizabeth I

(way before all of the movies came out!)

Gabrielle Roth

(founder of The Five Rhythms/Ecstatic Dance Movement)


My favorite links

  1. Rob Brezsny Free Will Astrology

  2. Beliefnet

  3. Astrology Zone

  4. Blooming Humans


Tattoos by Barbara Guran-Eubank Tattoo Artist and Shamanatrix


Dance All The Way Home

Dance Forward

Dance Backward                                                            

This Little Light of Mine...

Several years ago my best friend in Tucson sent me this great hexagonal candle-powered lamp because she knows my fascination with Day of the Dead and also with making altars...

It found a home on one of my altars and I have meditated long hours on the images-- I think it is the perfect depiction of all of life’s stages and because of it’s contiguous hexagonal shape, it shows that the cycles of life are related, ever morphing from one to the next, yet at the same time, all stages simultaneously!

The Goddess

(perfect self filled with light)

Show Your Freak

(authentic self)

Romance In Bloom

(developing relationships)

Living the Adventure

(exploring our world)

Marriage and Children

(love and family are all)

Growing Old Together

(Elder Knowledge)