Cover Ups and Restorations


One of the most challenging aspects of Tattooing is restoring or covering up old tattoos. As the skin ages, tattoo inks migrate or blur. Re-inking can repair many tattoos while cover-ups present many other challenges. A cover-up is a process of tattooing over top of an unwanted tattoo.


Often design limitations become a factor in cover up work as do colors and an individual’s interest in a new design. What I do is sit down with you and discuss all options and interests such as desirable themes and colors and the theoretical outcomes of the process.


Sometimes even if a tattoo doesn’t look faded, a person may no longer want the tattoo on them for whatever reason.

There are so many possibilities for covering up or reworking tattoos by restoring color! Come in and see me and we’ll talk about it. I never charge for talking or Design Work. I want you to be happy with your ink!

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So Many Possibilities? Come in and see me and we’ll talk about them!