Large Work


Large Work are Tattoos that cover large areas of the body. Large tattoos are designed with a theme or overall concept in mind from the start. Other times large tattoos are designed around existing tattoos incorporating the existing tattoo into the new tattoo design. It all depends on where you start?

Large work takes time and may require multiple sessions depending on the size of the tattoo and your endurance. I recommend breaking large work into manageable sessions that you are comfortable with based on your personal needs. It is something we will talk about in more detail.

Cost is also a factor, large work is expensive and may require hours of tattooing time. I charge by the hour for actual tattooing. I do not charge for design work, drawings or talking. It is important to me that you are completely happy with your tattoo design before we start. One advantage of breaking up a large tattoo into multiple sessions is managing the costs over a period of time rather than having to pay for the entire tattoo at once. We can design the total tattoo and then break it down into manageable sessions. Remember tattoos are forever and good work deserves the time.

Another advantage to working in multiple sessions is your comfort. Hours of tattooing can be very demanding and can become very uncomfortable. Most people can handle two hours, a few more can handle four hours and very few can handle more than four. We will plan our sessions together for whatever your tolerance level is!

Some tattoo designs require multiple layers of shading and color to achieve the rich and colorful beauty you want. These tattoos require multiple session allowing the skin to heal between sessions.

Stop in and we will talk about all possibilities and start your large tattoo from design to finish!

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