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We use the Best Inks in the Industry!

Made and Certified by the National Tattoo Association


We Charge by the Hour

Based on the the time it takes to Tattoo You.

No charge for artwork or setup-- just ink time!

All Needles are SINGLE USE!

Needles along with Tools and Equipment are Sterilized to Hospital Standards. Setups, i.e. the needle bar assemblies, are first cleaned in an Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with Alconox Cleaner. New needles are attached, then Setups are assembled and secured in Sterilization Pouches for processing in the Autoclave to standards set by the State of Montana Health Department.

The Autoclave is tested by SPS Medical every time we sterilize Needles, Tools and Equipment for your safety and peace of mind. The rigorous  testing  of our equipment is in excess of the required testing  of sterilized equipment by the State Health Department. The additional cost of independent medical laboratory testing is well worth the cost for our peace of mind because your health and safety is our top propriety!

Dancing Bones Ink Inc is Licensed by the State of Montana Department of Health and Human Services. Our Shop is inspected by the State of Montana and complies with all Rules for Tattooing Establishments under the Administrative Rules of Montana Title 37, Sub-chapter 1. All Tattoo Artists have certifications in Basic First Aid, CPR, General Sanitation and Bloodborne Pathogens.


How do we charge? We charge by the hour based on the time we are Tattooing you.

Is there a minimum charge? YES $45.00


Do you do custom designs? Yes! Schedule a time or just stop in for a free consultation. Barbara is always happy to work with you to design a tattoo that reflects your Ideas and will help you achieve your vision of a personal and meaningful tattoo you will love forever! Tattoos are permanent, so we want to be sure the design is just right for you BEFORE we tattoo it!

Can you Fix my Tattoo? That depends on the Tattoo! In many cases Barbara can help you! Often a Tattoo that has faded can successfully be restored. Other times a Tattoo you no longer want can be Covered Up with a new Tattoo. See the section of this website on Cover Ups and Restorations or stop in and talk to Barbara. She has been able to help many people just like you!

What should I tell my Mom? If you have to explain your tattoo to your Mom you are not ready to be tattooed. You must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo or have parental permission. MT law requires a parent or guardian to sign for you AND they must stay on the premises for the duration of your tattoo. If you are not 18, but you DO have permission, everyone must bring their IDS when you come in. Minimum age is 15 or 16 depending on maturity.

Are you safe? All tubes/setups and single use needles are sterilized in a hospital model autoclave. Dancing Bones Ink, Inc. conducts tests weekly through SPS Medical sterilization monitoring services to ensure the safest possible equipment used for your tattoo. The tattooer wears protective gloves and practices antiseptic procedures. All inks for your tattoo are used on an individual basis and then disposed of.  Dancing Bones Ink, Inc. never reuses any inks, needles or other materials to ensure your safety.

How much does it hurt? That is a relative question—certain parts of the body are more sensitive than others. The sensation is aggravating, but tolerable in most areas of the body. However in more sensitive areas and for large work, you may need to schedule multiple appointments, it really depends on the individual.

We will not tattoo anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. So if you drink or use drugs in anticipation of getting a tattoo to ease the pain, you will be refused service.

Please eat and be well rested before your tattoo appointment. Being relaxed will make your tattoo experience as painless as possible.

Shop policy excludes tattooing below the wrists, or on the face. That means: No hands, faces. We also do not tattoo gang signs, hate slurs, racial symbols or profanity.

Dancing Bones Ink, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is seeking services in our opinion outside our comfort level.

Tips are appreciated, but not required.

PLEASE take the time to consider your decision to get a tattoo. Schedule a free consultation with the Artist to discuss your decision to get a tattoo and make your selection for the tattoo design you want. Our main goal is to make sure your experience and decision is a good one. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Do the Dogs Bite? It depends on what you have on your fingers, in your hand or in your pocket--

bacon or cheeseburgers? If you answered “Yes” there is a good chance you will get nibbled on

or at the very least you will find the dogs really like you!

On the other hand (if it is still there), the dogs are supposed to be in the yard. They know this so don’t let them B.S. you. They must have escaped somehow, so if they do become threatening, DON’T run! They love to chase anything! Oh and don’t head for the water, they will swim across the river to bite you! They have never lost a cheeseburger yet! No, really we just never installed a door bell or buzzer in the back.

Why would we when we have them? Bark Bark Bark!

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